How To Use Digital Marketing To Transform Any Business And Make Tons Of Money Doing It

Work from anywhere with a laptop and some internet.


The Brilliant Marketers Program


For the last 7 years, I have been studying the top digital marketing strategies & helping businesses grow, all through online advertising.

I have personally managed millions of dollars spent online, on almost every platform, and have worked with dozens of industries.

But, most importantly, I have managed to do this all from a laptop and WiFi & I have spent months making a program that can help absolutely anyone understand and implement the same strategies I do, for any business.

Program Outline

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  • How To Think Like A Millionaire
  • How To Save Thousands On Your Taxes Without An Accountant
  • How To Be 5x More Productive

How To Think About Marketing A Business

  • The Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing 
  • Find Your Audience & Build The Perfect Offer
  • The Key Metrics To Understanding A Business

The Campaign

  • What Are The Types of Facebook Campaigns
  • Setting Up A Campaign Properly
  • New Facebook Layout

The Audience

  • Understanding The Layout
  • Saved Audiences
  • Placements
  • How To Bid & Pick Your Goal

Creating The Perfect Ad 

  • Making The Ad
  • Unique Ad Types - Lead Ads
  • Dynamic Creative Ads
  • Existing Post IDs 
  • Using A Link Shortener 

Retargeting & Custom Audiences 

  • What Is A Pixel?
  • Creating Pixel Events & Custom Conversions
  • Deep Dive Retargeting Strategy
  • Custom Audiences Overview - Websites
  • Custom Audiences Overview - In-Person, Customer File, Mobile Apps 
  • Custom Audiences Overview - Facebook Sources
  • Lookalike Audeinces
  • Making A Retargeting Campaign [Level 1]
  • Making A Retargeting Campaign [Level 2]
  • Making A Retargeting Campaign [Level 3]

How To Brilliantly Read Data On Facebook

  • Changing What You See
  • Breaking Down The Data With A Microscope
  • Plugging In Your Leaks 

Building A Google Search Campaign

  • Understanding The Dashboard
  • Choosing Which Keywords Are The Best For You
  • Different Types of Campaigns 
  • Campaign Setup - Creating The Foundation [Part 1] 
  • Campaign Setup - Audiences, Scheduling, & Budgets [Part 2] 
  • Campaign Setup - Extensions [Part 3] 
  • Campaign Setup - Extensions #2 [Part 4] 
  • Campaign Setup - Ad Groups [Part 5] 
  • Campaign Setup - Making The Ad [Part 6] 
  • Campaign Setup - Adjusting The Campaign Settings 
  • Creating Conversions For Your Call & Message Extensions
  • Reading Data On Google Ads
  • Optimizing Data
  • What data to look for and change to take your ads to the next level and beat your competition 10 out of 10 times.

YouTube Ads 

  • Uploading A YouTube Video To Your Channel
  • YouTube Ad Types
  • The 4 Steps To Creating The Perfect Ad Video
  • YouTube Full Campaign Walkthrough

Creating Retargeting Audiences & Campaigns (YouTube & Google)

  • Setting Up A Conversions
  • Installing Conversion Codes On Your Site

Zapier (Automate EVERY Business)

  • Introduction To Zapier
  • Zapier Example: Facebook Lead --> Google Sheet --> Email --> Text --> CRM
  • Active Campaign (Fortune Is The Follow Up) 

How To Automate Your Facebook Ads So You NEVER Worry About Them

  • Setting Up Rules For Your Ads
  • Example Of Rule Combinations


  • Intro To Landing Pages
  • Building Your First Landing Page
  • Evaluation Of Big Brand Landing Pages
  • Examples Of Landing Pages For Small Businesses


  • Unbounce Pricing Plans
  • Connection A Domain To Unbounce
  • Picking A Template
  • Understanding The Page Builder
  • How To Build A Great Landing Page
  • Creating A Lightbox & Lead Form
  • Setting Up Your Website For Mobile
  • How To Send Leads To Your Sales Team
  • Tracking Codes & Conversion Setup
  • Introduction To Google Analytics
  • Setting Up Google Analytics
  • Understanding The Home Screen
  • Reading Data: Real-Time
  • Reading Data: Audiences
  • Reading Data: Behavior
  • Reading Data: Conversions
  • How To Create A Store
  • Shopify Complete Walkthrough
  • Picking The Best Apps To Use In Your Store
  • Connecting Your Facebook Page
  • Connecting Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics & Marking A Catalog
  • Creating A Product Catalog
  • How to make dynamic product ads for e-commerce
  • Step-By-Step How To Take a Store From $0 to $50k/mo in 30 days.
  • The exact breakdown of how to scale from $20k/mo in e-commerce to $150k/mo.
  • How Much Do You Want To Earn?

Picking The Right Clients 

  • How/Where To Best Accept Payments
  • What Makes A Perfect Client?
  • Choosing what You Charge & Setting Client Expectations
  • How To Land Your First Client & Scale To 30K/mo - By Yourself From Home
  • Searching For The Right Client - From Your Laptop
  • How to get clients to book appointments WITH YOU.
  • How to setup our secret emailing system that generates 70% open rates to people who have never heard of us.
  • How we use ads to get more clients.
  • The EXACT DEMO that we use to close 85% of all of our sales calls.

Setting Up Facebook As An Agency

  • How To Start A Business Manager On Facebook
  • How To Get/Grant Access To Pages & Ad Accounts
  • Creating A New Client (Local Business) Campaign From Scratch - Creating The Ad [Part 1]
  • Creating A New Client (Local Business) Campaign From Scratch - Collecting Leads & Sending Them To A Client [Part 2]
  • How we manage all our campaigns.
  • Scaling & Hiring your team
  • Automations that run the business on autopilot and make your life easier.

Everything you need to know about hiring Virtual Assistants and how to help you scale with them.

  • My Favorite Apps & Chrome Extensions
  • Examples Of Great Ads With Offers
  • The Secret Link To Seeing Everyone Else's Ads
  • What Kind Of Photos & Videos Convert Best
  • Split Testing
  • Split Testing & Scaling Your Budget
  • Personal Marketing Sequence That Brought Leads For Myself, Under $2 Each (Copy & Paste It) 
  • Dynamic Product Ads - Every Online Store's Perfect Advertisement
  • Call Recording: Revising Campaigns For Trampoline Park In South America
  • Real Estate Agents/Brokers - Full Ad Campaigns (Copy & Paste)
  • Chiropractors - Call Recording - Full Ad Campaigns (Copy & Paste)
  • How We Saved A Company $40,000 Per Week On Their Ads (Step-By-Step)
  • Building A Lawyer Lead Ad Campaign From Scratch [Part 1] 
  • Building A Lawyer Lead Ad Campaign From Scratch [Part 2] 
  • YouTube Cost-Per-View Campaign Build
  • Automate HUNDREDS of 5-Star Reviews For ANY Business
  • Easy Trick To Installing Analytics On Wordpress Sites
  • UTM Codes / URL Parameters (A MUST HAVE For Any Website With Analytics)  
  • Making A Gmail Account With Any Domain - Instead of
  • How To Start A Conversation
  • What To Ask & How To Get The Deal
  • Download The Same Contract My Agency Uses

Tested, Proven, & Improved


With over 70 hours of lessons & videos, the program has been refined multiple times, since the original release. 

Dozens of students have already seen results in income & business owners who have taken this program are already increasing their monthly cash flow with our proven systems.

Experience More Freedom

Learn to automate your business and allow you to travel anywhere and never worry about where your next customer will come from. Best Part? The program is constantly being updated to make sure everyone is up to date on every online strategy that is currently working.

System Stacking

I've combined every type of online marketing system available in a step-by-step process to allow you to master them individually & allow them to work together.  

Exclusive Online Community

Surround yourself with like-minded people in a highly active community. Starting a discussion, getting helpful answers, & networking has never been easier.

Learn Your Way

The program has been tested by donzens of students from different skill levels to maximize the speed of learning and trim off all the useless information. With the ability to use the program from any device, learning is always convenient.

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Last thing.

Let me begin by saying that this program is not for everyone...

I have spent millions of dollars and countless hours learning how to create & drastically affect businesses from a laptop. EVERY thing I have learned on the way is inside of my program. But that doesn't make it for everyone.


This program is for any of these 3 people:


  1. Someone who wants to start a business for themselves and is looking to be able to work on their own terms. Someone who wants to provide themselves with financial freedom and more importantly, the ability to work from anywhere and travel the world, while making more money than you can at a job.
  2. Someone who owns their own business and wants to understand how to advertise PROFITABLY online. This is best used by a business that is ready to scale, not a business that cannot handle immediate growth. This helps avoid paying marketing companies monthly for something that you will be able to do better than them.
  3. Someone who is already marketing as a freelancer or has a small agency. Although, most marketers believe they know everything, this is far from true. I look back and realize that even 18 months ago, when I was doing so well, I knew a fraction of the knowledge I know now in marketing. This person will learn how to become a Brilliant Marketer and save years of mistakes in digital marketing.

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*IMPORTANT: Earnings and Legal Disclaimers

Eddie is a professional digital marketing consultant and his results are not typical. His experiences are not a guarantee you will make money. You may make more, less or the same.

Invest In Yourself, Your Income, & The Future Of Your Business.


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